Erica Reed

In the heart of the gospel realm, Erica Reed stands as a passionate and fired-up soprano, producer, and successful entrepreneur, making waves with her soul-stirring music. With two top 15 Billboard hits, “Building” and “Let Go, Let God” featuring Mark Kibble of Take 6, Reed has firmly established herself as a force to be reckoned with. However, it’s her latest single, “The Blood Of Jesus,” that is currently captivating hearts and souls around the world.

This new release is more than just a song; it’s a love letter to Jesus, a poignant reminder that in the face of the world’s current challenges—be it the wars in Israel and Ukraine or the political unrest in the United States—what we truly need is the Blood of Jesus. In a world yearning for solace and guidance, Erica Reed’s music echoes a collective cry: “Jesus, we need you now.”

Before “The Blood Of Jesus,” Reed made headlines with “Building, What Are You Waiting On?” – a powerful traditional gospel ballad that climbed the Billboard Gospel chart, holding its ground among the nation’s top 20 gospel songs. Written by Reed and produced by the legendary Sanchez Harley, the song carries a plea to come to Christ, emphasizing that without Him, life is incomplete.

For Reed, “Building…” is more than a song; it’s a profound message rooted in her personal experiences. Amidst the challenges of the pandemic, as her father battled cancer, Reed and her husband pivoted to sustain their restaurants and musical endeavors. While many businesses faltered during tough times, Reed’s unwavering faith and resilience led both her business and musical career to victory.

Managed by music industry veteran Dr. James “Jazzy” Jordan, Reed, with a finance background, reflects on her roots in Southwest Missouri, where she grew up in a musical family that served as her father’s choir. Leaving her small town for college in Memphis, Reed explored different musical styles, even singing in an R&B group called Honey and Pearls. Yet, her unwavering connection to Christ remained a constant, defining element in her life and music.

When she left her small Missouri town for college in Memphis, Reed explored other styles of music. “I sang in an R&B group called Honey and Pearls when I was in college. I love my gospel ministry, and it is a ministry, but I do believe in having fun. But no matter what, I always circle back to Christ, and that’s where I remain. It’s just a part of who I am,” said the psalmist who excitedly takes on the big challenge of bringing souls to the Lord.

As an independent recording artist since 2004, Reed’s musical journey defies categorization. From the traditional gospel tunes like “Standing At The Gate” from her 2017 album, TIME, to the upbeat and danceable “Get Up-Reloaded” from her forthcoming EP, Reed’s versatile style reflects her refusal to be confined to any one box.

With “The Blood Of Jesus” resonating with audiences, Reed continues to spread messages of hope, inspiration, and faith. As “Building, What Are You Waiting On?” prevails, Erica Reed anticipates God’s remarkable blessings, envisioning an impact that transcends and blesses every soul it touches.